Features of Luc Khi Acupuncture

Features of Luc Khi Acupuncture

1- Everyone:  man, women, elders, baby, newborn baby, children

2- Everytime: anytime you like you can

3- Everywhere: For pain all over the body

4- Easy: just make some small pieces of salonpas (or other therapeutic plaster with heat and smell) and stick on the luckhi point

5- Excellent: for change the wrist pulse and change the root of diesases

6- Effective: absolutely

7- Economic: save money, save time

8- Elastic: everytime, everywhere and everyon

9- Equal: for the rich and the poor people, we are the world

10- Evolution: more and more people absord Luc Khi

11- Everlasting: go with the human being

12- Energy: balance and harmonize six energies in the whole body

13- Entertainment: Let enjoy your bioenery after using Luc Khi point group

14- Exciting: very interesting when you becoming your own doctor

15- Exotic method: let out your feeling

16- Exploration: discover how your pulse change by small piece of salonpas step by step


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