5. Control of the body

Right positions

- Two hands: put on upwards together, lay on two heels. The palm of right hand is under the left hand. The two tops of two thumbs lightly touch each other. Keep the hands straight, not curved

- Eyes: are open clear, look down to a point close to your face. At the first phase of practice,  practitioners should absolutely  not close the eyes.  Only your eye are open can you see your body shaking or not, sinking to side or not, compared with the scene around you. When you achieve the right  mindfulness and awakening, you can never fall into unconsciousness, and you can close your eyes.

-The tongue: touches to the upper teeth.

-The mouth: is close naturally

-The back: need to be kept straight, not bent or outstretched too much that it can make you tired, and strained.

- The shoulder: dropped down naturally.They must be the same height, not lean to one side

- The two arms: Spread out the elbows a bit far from hips. They must not press agaist hips.

- The head: don’t hold up, a little down. It shouldn’t lean to oneside or turn to one side.

Conscious of the whole body

your mind should always control the whole body. You must be conscious from head to feet. You must be conscious from the head to the feet. You should check the back if it is bent, and the shoulders if they are imbalanced, and the head if it is one-sided, and the hands if they are  beautifully straight, and the arms if they are pressing against the hips, the eyes if they are looking at another point, the body if it is bent toward or backward. You must be always conscious of the whole body. It must be completely relaxed. If any part of the bodyis wrong position, it must be known well so that it can be adjusted immediately.

Keep the body soft and still

Along with being conscious of the whole body, you should relax your body. You also need to keep it soft and still.

You should always check any part of the body if it is moved or tense, and the whole body if it is soft and still or not. Every muscle, finger, toe, and thight must be still.

You should always control the whole body, because when you sit motionlessly for a while, any muscle will be tense naturally, the you must get to  know and relax it immediately.

Such the usual checking is to practice control of the body.


When you are conscious of the whole body, you should be conscious of the belly and legs. You have to know is smoothly. You don’t pay attention to knowing it or press to mind it. If you pay much attention to it, then your energy will go up to your brain and you will be strained.

You shouldn’t be vague about it. If you are not conscious of the whole body, when erroneous thinking appears in your mind, you can’t know it and you will easily fall into unconsciousness.

When erroneous thinking appears in your mind, you don’t need to destroy it, you only need to turn back to being conscious of the whole body and checking all parts of body, and then erroneous thinking will disappear.


If erroneous appears,  in your mind then you turn back to being conscious and checking all the parts of body, but the erroneous thinking doesn’t disapprear, you should know that it is your karma. You should sincerely repent of your misdeeds.When your mind is quiet, you can turn back to checking your body.

(Instruction on meditation of Thay: Thich Chan Quang)