Practitioners should follow the order of practicing meditation as follows:

1. Kowtowing to the Buddha in three prostrations with deep secere worship

2. Sitting cross-legged: 

The left leg is put on the right leg, and the right leg is crossed the left leg. The feet are laid on the two thight, not too close or too far the hip.

3.A prayer before meditating:

When being in the right solemn position,practitioners should clasp the  hands and recite a prayer (if you practice meditation alone you can recite it in whisper. If you practice in t he essembly you need to read it loudly in chorus.)

May our buddha help us

Always memorize and know that

Body is not a self

Mind is not a self

Nothing is not a self

In every breath in

In every breath out

Absolute homage to the Buddha.

Homage to the shakyamuni Buddha (three times)

4. Take a vow of creating three merits (After reciting the prayer and praying practitioners still clasp the hands, and take a vow of doing three good conducts in silence)

-May the Buddha help know how to pay homage to the all Buddha, the Founders, and the Saints with the endless respect.

- May the Buddha help me know how to love all beings in the visible worlk and also the invisible world. May I love human beings, and animals in forest, and fish in water, and beings in hell, and also plants and trees.

- May the Buddha help me keep myself modest, and always think of myself as small as dust.

After that, the practitioners begin to practice controls of body.




(Instruction on meditation of Thay: Thich Chan Quang)