8. Going out of meditation and dedicating merit to all beings.

 When going out of meditation,  you should recite two prayers: (if sitting alone, you only recite them in whisper. If sitting with the assembly, you recite them loundly in chorus.)

The prayer of going out of meditation

May the three Gems help me

When awakening and sleeping

All days and nights

Know my body is to be impermanent

When going or standing

When sitting or lying

When working or resting

Know my body to be impermanent

When listening and talking

When being alone or in crowds

When reading or watching a movie

Know my body to be impermanent

When eating or drinking

When bathing or drying

When dressing or taking on

Know my body to be impermanent

The more conscious I am

The more I know it to be impermanent

May all beings in the world

Know their bodies to be impermanent.

Homage to the shakyamuni Buddha. (three times)

(Next, recite the prayer of dedicating merit to all beings.)

May Dharma realm and beings

Make effart to practice together

Free from ego and ignorance

We’ll attain englightenment all together.

(Next, there are some gentle movements of massage)

- Raising up hanging down the head five times.

-Turing the head slowly in to-and-frofive times.

-Moving the shoulders up and down in circle five times, and turning, and turning them back five times.

-Leaning on the axis of waist, turning the whole body one side then another side,five times for each side.

-Massagaing the hands and arms.

- Massaging the two hands until not, then massaging the head, the face, the ears, the neck and nape for thirty seconds.

- Massaging the two hands until hot, then putting on the eyes(ten times)

-Massaging chest, stomach, rib, and back.

-Pulling the legs and massaging them gently.

-After that, sitting on the spot for a while to relax.

(Next, kneel down to worship the Buddha three times, then going for a walk)

9.Going for a walk

When going for a walk you still need to keep your mind in peace as when meditating.

-Knowing the whole body.


-Contemplaing the impermanece of the body.

(Instruction on meditation of Thay: Thich Chan Quang)