Luckhi acpuncture healthy pulse standards

luc khi Acupuncture is one of the special types acupuncture which is very special and high logic, because from the acupoints selected, the combination of acupoints, add more point or reduce the number of points ... are based on the pulse diagnosis. Using the luckhi points to change the unhealthy pulse to the healthy pulse. Below is the standard of healthy pulse, this “mission” is not only the theory but also the purpose of acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture needle, piece of salonpas, acupressure, moxibustion…are these methods you can apply to impact or stimulate the luc khi point to abtain the healthy pulse

There are basic standards of healthy pulse

  • Guan group: feeling firstly and same level in the left hand and right hand
  • Cun group and Chi group: at the same level in one hand and look like other hand.
  • At the 3 bean level: yes
  • At the 6 bean level: yes
  • At the 9 bean level: yes
  • Healthy Qi existence

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