Luc khi acupuncture pulse diagnosis technique.




Treatment room should not benoisy and messy but quietly and peacefully.


For patient

        • Rest comfortably for a few minutes
        • Do not eat too much
        • Do not drink too much
        • Do not drink alcohol or wine
        • Do not be in exciting state.

For physician

        • Face: friendly, seriously.
        • Posture: Sit comfortably, keep back straightly, and relax the whole body naturally
        • Breath: mindfulness breath
        • Thoughts: Concentrate on the finger tips and pulses of patient but still keep thinking of the whole body
        • Position: sitting opposite to the patient

Techniques of Pulse checking

Do not use pillow

Using three fingers: index finger, middle finger and ring finger

Physician use the right hand check the right wrist pulse of patient and the same for left hand.

To check right wrist pulse:

Physician’s left hand hold the right hand of patient with the thumb put on the palm (location of acupoint PE.8), the remaining four fingers support under the wirst, all of this action makes the patient’s wrist bending back out and the wrist skin area become strained. After that use three fingers to check the pulse

Physician’s right hand: Three fingers check the pulse, thumb support under the wrist

Checking for three positions of wrist pulse: Thon (Front), Quan (Middle), Xich (Rear)


The outer edge of index finger of physician place in line with the line of patient’s wrist

Put three finger tips at the same level perpendicular to the skin surface, forming a straight line before checking  pulse - Simultaneous pulse diagnosis

The process of press down and lift up to check the pulse is defined as following:

- Three fingers touch on the skin surface à level of 0 bean

- Three finger touch on the skin surface and start presing a little bit force downward only à level of 1 bean.

- Continue pressing down and count in your mind level of 2 bean, level of 3 bean… to level of 11 bean

- Stop at level of 12 bean when you fell the wrist bone

After that lift the three finger lift up with simultaneous technique and count in mind again level of 11 bean, level of 10 bean, level of 9 bean … to level of 0 bean

Following level of bean we have three level of pulse as below

Superficial level = level of 3 beans

Middle level = level of 6 beans

Deep level = level of 9 beans

When we check for three levels, it means that we check for yes or no pulse feeling, example: at level of 3 bean you see that Thon group pulse appears à you remember that superficial level of Thon group is solid line or if the Thon group pulse disappears à you remember that superficial level of Thon group is broken line.

From information of 3 main level of three group Thon – Quan – Xich you will make the trigram to represent for each of group pulse