Luckhi Acupuncture in New York

Event Informations

About the speaker - Erik Viet Ha

    • Registered Acupuncturist in Ontario, Canada
    • Master and Instructor of Luc Khi Acupuncture Method
    • Founder of the Institution of Luc Khi Acupuncture and Acupressure (ILKAA)
    • Co-founder of Luc Khi Canadian-Vietnamese Association (LKCVA)

About Luc khi Acupuncture

Luc Khi Acupuncture (LKA) is a method of acupuncture which is originated in VIETNAM and it is derived from the medical I-Ching, 6 elements and specially LUC KHI. With the systematic application of system of 6 elements & Luc Khi to the acupuncture therapy, LKA has become itself a unique and distinguished system. The treatment principle of LKA has foundation in harmonizing and establishing the energetic equilibrium of Am-Duong (Yin-Yang), Khi-Huyet (Qi –Blood) and LUC KHI:

Metal-Wood, Water-Fire, Warmth-Earth

Diagnosis, treatment and its effectiveness are based priority on the Luc Khi Pulse 
altogether with method of seeing (vong), listening (van) and questioning (van):
Within the Luc Khi pulse, an acupuncturist can identify not just the energetic condition of 6 elements, 6 Khi, 12 main channels and 8 extra meridians, but it is also the guiding tool to compose the luc khi points, and to confirm the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment.

What makes LKA outstanding is the unique method of point combinations among 98 luc khi points of following groups: Am-Yin Transporting points, Duong-Yang Transporting points, Lac-Connecting points, Khich-Cleft points and 8 Confluent points of extraordinary meridians. Each point carries in itself its own energetic Luc Khi function and it is only when these Luc Khi points are combined in a harmonious way that the optimal effectiveness of acupuncture can be achieved.

Erik Viet Ha
Acupuncturist and student in New York