Luckhi Acupuncture in Ha Noi


Luckhi Acupuncture in Ha Noi


Dr. Le Hai was born to a family of doctors — his parents are both mainstream doctors and his wife is an osteopath. But he has chosen a different route — traditional medicine. Espousing a holistic philosophy, where health is decided by many factors and not just by medicine, he works at the National Hospital of Traditional Medicine and is well-known for luc khi acupuncture, where hot patches are applied to the acupoints to smooth the blood flow and cure infections or disabled parts of the body. 


Luc khi [six types of energy] acupuncture, is very different from Chinese acupuncture because we use a completely different system to take the pulses of the patients,” says Dr. Hai. The principles of the treatment are harmonising and establishing the equilibrium of Yin and Yang, as well as the different types of energy that exist in the body — metal, wood, water, fire, warmth and earth.


In a typical session, Dr. Hai takes a pulse reading from both wrists. Then he asks about the symptoms and uses que dich, a practitioner-only manual to find the acupoints of each patient according to their particular illness. Although the philosophy is complex, treatment is simple. Dr. Hai uses small pieces of Salonpas patches and sticks them on the acupoints. 


“It is possible to use any patches that create heat and scent,” he says. This combination helps the blood flow better and brings back an energy balance, which is the root of all treatment. “This method is not only great for treating chronic pains in the joints, arthrosis, back pain and headaches, but also insomnia, tonsillitis and constipation.”


As the treatment doesn’t use any medicine and doesn’t leave any pain, it’s suitable for pregnant women and children, and even patients who want to continue the therapy themselves after their initial treatment.


 Dr. Hai offers free treatment from 9am to 3pm at his office. Appointments should be made in advance via email to