Treatment process of luckhi acupuncture

Treatment process of luckhi acupuncture

The diffirence between luckhi acupuncture and acupuncture in the initial stage of examination and treatment process. Normally, the acupuncturist check the pulse before needling and they are extremely rare to take the pulse after pricking. That why these question such as: how the pulse change? The acupoints formula is right or wrong? Do I need add more acupoint?... A lot of question like that and it is so difficult to find out the proper answer for them.

Medicine is a science, the treatment method should be based on the scientific grounds, that why if you select the acupoint you need to know: that is the funtion of these points? What is the effect of combination? How the Qi and Blood change after needling?


With these question, luckhi acupuncture said that, you have to check the pulse before and after using the luckhi point. The healthy pulse shape is our mission.


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